Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Dry Shampoos

I have had a long battle with my hair and how quickly it gets so greasy. When I was younger I use to wash it everyday, but since getting older (and a little wiser) plus highlighting it, I try not too wash it as much, especially as my hair is drier at the ends. This apparently is combination hair, the only shampoo I know off for this type is the Charles Worthington range. So in a frantic effort to cut down on time washing it and damage, I have tried a number of dry shampoos, of which I have listed below. I also have a fringe that gets oily quickly especially in the summer or after I apply facial moisturiser. 

Batiste (Smaller purses)
Great for everyday use, easy to purchase and cheap price. Light to medium application, have to brush through quite a bit beforehand to get rid of telltale white. Strong smell.

Beehive Tigi (Medium purses)
Have recently acquired this and very impressed with the vanilla smell. I couldn't decide between this and the lovely Tigi shine hairspray, but interestingly he advised that it some shine hairspray a have serum in them which can make the hair oilier. It's a lighter and less messy application with subtle results.
Pleasant smell and plenty in bottle. However messy to apply and takes ages to brush through which makes it cumbersome.

On the wish list (Megabucks purses)

I can't remember the name of this dry shampoo, but it was a red bottle with a built-in brush for easy application straight on roots. It was retailing at about £30.

If you think you might know what brand it was or have some tips on dry shampoo application etc please don't hesitate to leave a message below!

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