Thursday, 28 November 2013

Molton Brown Shower Gels and Body Lotion

A few Christmasses ago, I was lucky enough to be given the gift of a Molton Brown Ginger Lily Body Wash and Body Moisturiser set. I remember how exquisite the smell was and it left me wanting more, but I never got around to buying anymore from the range.
Being a Birchbox Subscriber, I got the Molton Brown Ylang Ylang Body Wash and moisturiser sample sizes and fell in love with it all over again! This certainly is a sophisticated and uplifting scent, which lingers long after application.
I decided to make up for the lost years of MB deprivation by purchasing the Pink Pepperpod Shower Gel (which I had not smelt before) online. Since it arrived I cannot get enough, the smell is stronger and spicier than the previously mentioned scents, but it's a lovely warming fragrance for the oncoming colder winter months. And because it's less floral than the other two, you could easily use this as a unisex shower product. In fact, I can guarantee there will be a few fights over this!

You can purchase Molton Brown here


  1. I really need to get myself subscribed to a Birch Box or a similar monthly box everyone seems to get some lovely things from them! This looks lovely!

  2. Indeed! Plus you can save up points and get yourself a free treat which is what I did with this shower gel! I like that aspect of the beauty box subscription! Xx


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