Sunday, 3 June 2018

And A Nightingale Sang... Memoirs about childhood in Sussex during WW2

My late mother, Marianne Sells (nee Fowler) (Potential Debutante, Barnardos Children's Nurse and Granddaughter of Sir Richard Gregory) had been writing her memoirs about her childhood living in rural Sussex during WW2, for half my life. Admittedly, I never had much interest in her writing, but when she passed away in July 2017, five and a half long years after a long battle with vascular dementia, I collated all her paperwork (scattered everywhere throughout the family home, as her mind worsened) and took it upon myself to self-publish her book. It took many long and painful months to finally get it into a tangible format before I could self-publish it. She was always good at entertaining and telling wild stories, admittedly whilst reading it, I realised what a beautiful, funny and equally heart-breaking tome it is.

You can find out more by clicking here 

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