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Chasing away the January blues... The Happy List

My Happy List: Clean bedsheets Bright colours, especially yellow! A tiny glimpse of the sun Hot chocolate with marshmallows Shopping Great art Good music The simplicity but colourfulness of tulips My animals Lush baths ( Completing another cross-stitch or drawing Baking Long walks (recently been playing in the snow with Piper, who loves it!) Catching up with dearest friends Seeing my boyfriend Reading a good book Humour Having a good clean, car or house! Inspiring interior design and craft (see Great art!) Knowing that spring is around the corner
Go on, what's on your happy list?

Burlesque & Pole Dancing

Burlesque and pole dancing are my two new dancing classes in a bid to get out more and get fitter, I started the latter in October and haven't looked back. There is a misconception that both can be sleazy, but pole dancing can be a full body workout and burlesque is incredibly graceful.

Pole Dancing
Pole dancing is definitely athletic and really strengthens your muscles, your whole body has a thorough workout. There seems to be a worrying trend of DIY or novice pole dancing classes, in particular on, I want to emphasize that if you do it, make sure that it is with an experienced instructor who knows what they are doing. For instance, Claire Turner at Elite Pole Fitness is very knowledgeable and will make sure that you are always supervised, especially during more complicated moves.

I must admit I have always been a fan of Dita Von Teese, she has an amazing body and shows some beautiful and imaginative dance moves. I had taken a six week intoductory course prev…