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Dry Shampoos

I have had a long battle with my hair and how quickly it gets so greasy. When I was younger I use to wash it everyday, but since getting older (and a little wiser) plus highlighting it, I try not too wash it as much, especially as my hair is drier at the ends. This apparently is combination hair, the only shampoo I know off for this type is the Charles Worthington range. So in a frantic effort to cut down on time washing it and damage, I have tried a number of dry shampoos, of which I have listed below. I also have a fringe that gets oily quickly especially in the summer or after I apply facial moisturiser. 
Batiste (Smaller purses) Great for everyday use, easy to purchase and cheap price. Light to medium application, have to brush through quite a bit beforehand to get rid of telltale white. Strong smell.
Beehive Tigi (Medium purses) Have recently acquired this and very impressed with the vanilla smell. I couldn't decide between this and the lovely Tigi shine hairspray, but interes…

Something About Mondays (Music project)

I have recently joined a music band/duo performing our own material and some originals. We are hoping to start gigging next month and produced a video which I have recently uploaded. Please see above!
If you want to find out more about Something About Mondays, the links are as follows:

New issue of glean and radio interview - ooooohhhhh!

The new JAN/FEB 2014 issue is OUT NOW! Just and click on the link!

Tune into this Thursday, 9th January from 10.30am for a live interview with glean and Ian Mac!