Monday, 18 June 2018

Use your local library...

I have saved a fortune by using my local library and met lovely people since I started my series of books. Always cash strapped and struggling, it is very much a case regarding the library as 'use it or lose it."
I will admit it, I am a digiqueen, but I don't think the traditional hard copy of a beautiful book will ever be replaceable. Nothing beats the pleasure of relaxing with a good paperback. I was in for a treat this year, I read Joanna Cannon's "Three Things About Elsie" on ebook courtesy of the BorrowBox app and on a further visit discovered that  "The Trouble With Goats And Sheep" was tantalisingly tempting me from the bookshelf at Lord Louis Library here on the Island. So many books available for free, if only I had more time!

The Trouble With Goats and Sheep - Joanna Cannon

Even if you are a casual reader of a magazine or two, this can be found in another app, PressReader. It has been an absolute delight to be able to read about Frida Kahlo in this months Harper's Bazaar, something that I rarely buy as I consider it a luxurious treat!
If you fancy renting out a movie and would rather not pay the extortionate rates on Sky, you can simply rent a current (yes, current!) DVD for as little as £1.50 a night, even better, if you can't get to the particular branch of library you obtained it from, you can return the DVD to another.
Also, living out in a rural area, my broadband is pretty rubbish and sometimes non-existent, so I know I can pop into my local library to use the internet.
And double bonus, if you like playing with Lego, there's a regular Lego Club.
I have just listed some of the things that are available at the library, so, next time you are near one, don't forget to pop in and see what they have to offer because if we don't utilise it we could see our dear libraries closing and we wouldn't want that, would we?

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