Tuesday, 5 November 2013

My first time... Nail extensions

I was lucky enough to have nail extensions done for the latest issue of glean magazine by Anycia - a very talented, fully qualified and friendly Nail Technician, who also practices HD Brows. Having never had nail extensions before, I was a little nervous but Anycia put me at ease. Surprisingly, it's quite a long process but Anycia puts her heart and soul into work, nails are first buffed, extensions are chosen to fit the the nail, clipped, filed down and then trimmed, then a nail varnish and UV light are used to 'set' the nails, the latter of which stings a little but it's bearable! I chose a nice more natural and classic French Manicure with pretty butterfly detail transfers. The nails lasted for a fortnight and put up with a lot of abuse from me, including playing with my pup. I have now had them removed to give my nails time to recover, but boy do I miss them! Did I have a lot of compliments? Yes! Would I have them done again by Anycia? Definitely!

(c) Image by Neil Hunt

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