Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Touch

I love lllamasqua products, unfortunately they are no shops near me and the make-up is a little above my budget, but I was tempted by the new Intense Lipgloss in Touch as part of the new 'I'm The One' collection (a Valentine theme).
It sure is a beautiful colour (see my swatch below), very strong tone and with gloss. The texture is quite sticky and the colour only stays on for a short while, as you would probably expect. Not one for windy days out (unless you like your hair sticking to your lips) or a date unfortunately (probably a bit scary for smoochies, stick to the Lollitint stain for that which I reviewed in my previous post!). Also, take your time over application to avoid smudges.

The lip gloss currently retails at £14.50 with free postage from here 

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