Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Body Shop's NEW Honeymania Range

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I was so excited by the imminent release of The Body Shop's Honeymania made from Community Fair Trade Honey range that as soon as it was released on Monday of this week I had to get some of the products. Today I received the shower gel, soap, body butter and a cute little honeycomb styled soap.
Having tried the body butter today I found it to be a good moisturizing texture and the smell is fruity and light with of course a hint of honey, I immediately found the soothing smell uplifting and it eased my mood.

They are doing a fantastic offer at the moment of 40% off so be quick!
Well done, Body Shop!

Please note: will be reviewing this online via my vlog and other bee inspired products shortly.


  1. This is stuff looks great! And delicious if it were edible!

  2. that looks soo good, definitely want to try it!



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