Sunday, 30 September 2012

Bath & Body Works Haul

My auntie bought this back especially for me, exciting products, fantastic smell, very reasonable price and only a little goes a long way! Sadly only available in the USA (although I do remember going into the Nottingham branch when I was a student) as they seem to have pulled all of the UK shops. Although I have heard a rumour there is still a branch in London (if so please let me know!). You can buy some products on ebay but sometimes pricey, not very new and a limited selection. Such a shame!
From left to right: Vampire Blood Plum handsoap (not real!!), Paris in Bloom shimmer mist (lovely smell and very pretty) and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin shower gel. I like that the products are not tested on animals either:

Other USA products that I constantly hanker after (it's not faiiirrr!) are:

Yankee Candles (you can get quite a few products here) Top shop I recommend (and recently got a limited supply of "Witches Brew" and some gorgeous new christmas samplers)

The other one is: but they seem to not get updated that quickly

Sephora (including the Kat Von D line) Again, don't ship here (grrr) but some stuff on ebay (limited and pricey). Again there was a shop in Southampton but this has also vanished (Sob!). Lots of brands but some tested on animals :(, not all though.

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